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i'm french so you get awesome points if you speak french
i talk a lot and get embarrassed ridiculously quickly
i like rain and cold weather
i often buy books i don't read, just because they're pretty
english is my passion and i want to do nothing but english all day long
fanfictions and fictional gay couples make me happy

fullmetal alchemist - edward aND ROY OH MY
attack on titan - levi rivai - or ackerman whatever (and armin because precious tiny blond kitten) and YAYS for ereri and reibert
kuroko no basuke - the taiga and the tetsu like n'aww
a few yaoi posts now and then - NSFW always tagged

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Have you ever noticed the ‘Love is an Open Door’ battle on YT where people sing the song from frozen??
Watch this


but these guys where lip syncing so ppl got pissed and then 


but it gets better




much better





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if you don’t reblog this i will unfollow you

look who didn’t get the point





if you don’t reblog this i will unfollow you

look who didn’t get the point

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god dammit armin i thought u were my friend




god dammit armin i thought u were my friend

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Lesbian characters wearing maroon jackets with black leather sleeves.

Shit is this the new uniform??

ATTENTION ALL LESBIAN PERSONELL! New uniform regulations are in place as of August 14! SIGNAL BOOST!

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► Name ➔ Roxane

► Birth place ➔ France

► Where Do I live ➔ Scotland

► Hair color ➔ Black

► Eye Color ➔ green/blue/grey

► Birthday ➔ November 14

► Gender ➔ Female

► Lefty or Righty ➔ Righty

► Single or taken? ➔ Single

► Happy? ➔ yes


► Are you in love ➔ No

► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔ no

► Who ended your last relationship ➔ I never had a relationship to end

► Have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔ if I have I a) am sorry b) didn’t know

► Are you afraid of commitments? ➔ no

► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ no

► Have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ no

► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ ys

► Do you usually spend Valentine’s Day alone? ➔ yes

► Short or long-term relationships? ➔ this answer is not available


► Love or lust ➔ Love.

► Lemonade or iced tea ➔ Lemonade

► Cats or Dogs ➔ Cats

► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ A few best friends

► Television or internet ➔ Internet

► Pepsi or Coke ➔ Coke.

► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ A romantic night

► Day or night ➔ Night. ► Text or Call ➔ Text.

► Make-up or au naturel? ➔ Make-up


► Been caught sneaking out? ➔ No.

► Fallen down/up the stairs? ➔ Yes

► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ ye

► Prank called a store? ➔ No.

► Skipped school? ➔ yes 

► Wanted to disappear? ➔ yes

► Spent all your money? ➔ yes

► Met a celebrity? ➔ even danced with one 

► Been really ill? ➔ yes

► Gotten high? ➔ Ye


► Smile or eyes ➔ both

► Light or dark hair ➔ Dark hair

► Shorter or taller ➔ Taller

► Hook-up or relationship ➔ Relationship

► Funny and poor or rich and serious ➔ funny and poor

► Mac or PC? ➔ PC

► Chapstick or lipstick? ➔ lipstick

► City or country? ➔ Cities

► Driving or walking? ➔ Driving.


► Last phone call? ➔ the bank

► Last song you listened to? ➔ crazy stupid love - Sheryl cole

► Last thing you ate? ➔ toats with butter and raspberry jam

► Last thing you drank? ➔water

► Last place you were? ➔ a pub in Braemar

► Last kiss? ➔ a few months ago

► Last picture taken? ➔ two days ago, I was asleep on the sofa and one of my housemate seized the opportunity

► Last outfit? ➔jeans and my  university sweatshirt, yellow ben simons

► Last purchase? ➔ food

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11 days.

That’s how much time I have left in scotland. I’m soon going to head back home.

I’m really imaptient to see all my friends again, don’t get me wrong, but i’m going to miss my housemates and colleagues SO much.

Yesterday we went to the pub with two of my housemates, the only two that were aready here when I arrived, so the two i’ve known the longest. We drank a few pints and some cocktails, before heading back home to have a few bottles of wine (yes, bottleS).

Drunken conversation and all, “you know, when you first arrived, we didn’t think you would be able to make it because you weren’t really fit and housekeeping in a really hard job, we’re so proud of how you improved, you’re even quicker than the housekeeper we had before, when you leave, they’re fucked ‘cause they’re never going to find a housekeeper ike you, plus they love your personality, you’re always so kind and caring, you lways have a smile on your face, you never say anything mean about anybody, you’re lovely” and so on, some “i’m gonna miss you so much”’s and “ I think you should say fuck off to school and stay here” and ” oh I’m going to miss that smile”

of course i’m not going to stay, this lifestyle is not for me. My bady wouldn’t handle it, plus the fact that the hotel is aways from everything, I haven’t been swimming for three months now, I can’t go anywhere on my own, i’m in the middle of nowhere. It’s fine for a few months, but not for good.

In the past ten days, I worked about 80 hours with no days off because we were crazy busy and on my first day off yesterday, I was asked to do the breakfast shift. I don’t really mind it, but fuck not on my day off I mean come on I need my sleep. Also, I lost about 10 pounds in those ten days because of the hard work I couldn’t believe it when I weighed myself this morning.

And my best friend is always complaining that i’m never online on facebook or skype and I can tell her a thousand times that it’s because I DON’T HAVE FUCKING TIME TO STAY ONLINE ALL DAY LONG BECAUSE I’M NOT ON HOLLDAY LIKE YOU ARE she doesn’t understand and that’s also a reason why i’m looking forward to going home /sigh

also, it’s going to be so weird to suddenly go back to french everywhere

talking french, hearing french, seeing french

imma go mad, imma go english on everyone, and for that, I apologize in advance, I was already confused between the two languages before coming here, so having spent three months speaking almost only english is not going to help my case!

I’m going to miss you when I go away dalmunzie

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when a singer actually has an accent in a song you have to sing with that accent it’s just a rule ok

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if you use the term “fandom”, then please kill yourself. 

if you tell people to kill themselves for using a harmless term, you’re probably a pretty big douchebag and I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.

what the hell do i call the fanbase then

the heavenly order of psychopaths

satan’s favorite porn writers

satan’s favourite porn writers


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